Mobile PC Clinic

Mobile PC Clinic is based in Rialto, California and serves San Bernardino County and cities along the 210 freeway as far west as the city of La Verne.  Our labor rate is $60 per hour for computer repair and $20 per hour for computer training. And don't worry, we have a heart for Seniors! If you are age 55 or more, then your PC Repair rate is only $50 per hour and your training rate is only $10 per hour.

There are no computer consultants who know everything. That's why we don't charge you anything, unless we are successful in solving your problem. And there's no minimum "cover charge" for our visit.

Windows is not safe to use for anything important, such as financial transactions or storage of any personal information that you would like to keep private. The only safe alternative to using the Windows operating system is called Linux. There are over 900 versions of Linux that are all completely free of charge. LinuxMint is my favorite version of Linux. If you are tired of malware and the increasing unreliability of Windows, then ask us to install LinuxMint for you! For a limited time we are offering one FREE installation of LinuxMint to each customer that wants to try LinuxMint. And we're throwing in one free hour of training for using LinuxMint. We will even backup all your data files on your Windows PC, so that we can restore them to your hard drive after installing LinuxMint!

My cell phone number(call anytime):

Arthur Baldwin   (909) 367 - 8003